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Pack 773 has an active Bear Cub program for boys in the third grade. Our Bear Cub Den meets twice a month on a weekday evening and participates in our monthly pack activity with the Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs and Webelos. In Cub Scouts, each successive program builds on the previous year, and in addition to working on Bear Cub achievements and electives, Bear Cubs are also encouraged to participate in the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. Bear Cubs may also earn their "Whittlin Chip Card", which allows them to carry and use their Cub Scout pocketknife on camping trips.

Goals for our Bear Cubs include:

1.) Earning the Bear Cub badge
2.) Earning the Whittlin Chip badge & card
3.) Earning one or more Arrow Points for electives
4.) Participating in the Cub Scout Academics & Sports Program
5.) Consider earning the God & Country Award (if not earned as a Wolf Cub)
6.) Consider earning one or more Other Awards available to Cub Scouts
7.) Enjoying the Bear Cub year and completing the year with the desire to become a Webelo!

The Advancement Trail

There are 24 Bear achievements in four groups. A boy must complete 12 of the achievements to be a Bear Cub Scout. These requirements are harder and more challenging than those for the Wolf badge. When a boy has earned his Bear badge, he may work on electives to earn Arrow Points to wear under his Bear badge.


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Cub Scout Uniforms
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