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Tips for Organizing the Pinewood Derby


Main action items:

  1. Work with Pack 968 to coordinate transportation and set up/tear down of the track at the Auto Museum. The track is typically brought over the afternoon before the race and set up.
  2. Weigh in/check in of cars on Friday night before the race (at scout house)– also the cars need to be kept once they are weighed in and checked in. The kids can’t take them back home. Again, if we are racing at the museum, someone needs to transport the cars to the museum.
  3. Official rules need to be sent out to the pack (which should be the same as the district rules).
  4. Software needs to be set up on someone’s computer and tested out. Software is for a PC System 7. The software is kept by Pack 968 juliothatflies@yahoo.com
  5. Patches, awards and certificates need to be handled.
  6. Someone needs to greet the racers on race day when they come in and give them their patch.
  7. You need an MC
  8. You need 4 people working the race – 1 to man the table where the cars are stationed; 1 to man the top of the track; 1 to man the end of the track and 1 person running the race on their computer


Previous Pinewood Derby orgainziers that might be able to give suggestions on how to organize the race.

2011 - Mike Ramos mike.ramos@bp.com

2008-2010 - Alison Mattiza ABMattiza@directv.com


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