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Raingutter Regatta


What is a Raingutter Regatta?

The Raingutter Regatta is a boat race that is designed to be a parent-scout project. Please feel free to give guidance and minimal assistance to your Scouts as they build their Raingutter Regatta boat, appropriate to their age. This is a chance for your scout to be part of a team (them and you), and to enjoy the spirit of friendly competition with their peers. These “Official Raingutter Regatta Rules” are written to help you keep it simple and fun for your child, and to know what to expect when it comes time to race your boat. A special note to all parents and scouts: Together.


Ground Rules

  • The race is open to all Tiger, Cub and Webelos Scouts
  • Each scout may enter only one boat in the competition. They should have a significant level of participation in building their boat (designing, sanding, gluing, painting, decorating, etc.).
  • The boat must have been built during the current program year and be the official

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