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Frequently Asked Questions About Pack 773

    What is Cub Scouting?
    Cub Scouting is a program run by parent volunteers with the goal of fun, safe activities where boys and girls ages 5 to 10 can develop positive values.

    How Does Cub Scouting Work?
    In Cub Scouting, you and your family join in on the program with your child, and you will help them along the way. Cub Scouts have a different handbook at each grade level, with adventures that are age-appropriate for their developmental level. As your child advances through these books by working on adventures, they will earn badges and other recognition that they wear on their uniform. As your child grows in Cub Scouting, your role will change with them, from hands-on involvement to guiding and coaching. Your child’s success in Cub Scouting depends on you! The Cub Scouting program takes place at two levels. Your child will be a part of a den, a small group of Cub Scouts in the same grade level. A den typically meets twice a month, although some may meet more often. All dens, from kindergarten through fifth grade, make up a pack. Once a month, the dens, with their families, come together at the pack meeting and Cub Scouts are recognized for the adventures and badges they have earned.

    Who can join Cub Scouts?
    Cub Scouts is open to boys and girls ages 5 to 10 (Kindergarten through 5th grade). Older children can join a local scout troop (see our links page).

    Are girls allowed?
    Yes! Pack 773 is open to both boys and girls.

    Do I have to live in El Segundo?
    No. There is no geographical or residence requirement. Your child doesn’t have to attend a particular school. We have members from El Segundo and many of the surrounding areas.

    What events does Cub Scouts participate in, and how often do you meet?
    During the school year Pack 773 holds pack meetings once a month. In this meeting we recognize Cub Scouts' achievements with awards and do an activity like the Raingutter Regatta (making and racing small boats). We also meet in our dens twice each month where scouts complete adventures in areas like outdoor skills, cooking and woodworking. We also have monthly hikes and regular camping trips. We are active during the Summer, but hold fewer events. We normally have three pack camping trips per year; in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. We also participate in district sponsored events like Rocket Camp and Halloween Boo-fest. Check out our events page to see what we have coming up.

    Do parents participate?
    Pack 773 is a family pack. Parents participate in most events. When we go camping the whole family is invited. The pack is run by parent volunteers so we ask that parents lend a hand in whatever way they can, and however they feel comfortable. That could mean anything from leading a hike to helping Cubs with arts and crafts.

    Do I have to attend every event?
    No. Parents and kids today are busy. We understand if you can only attend some of the events. The Cub Scout motto is “Do your best.”

    What is the El Segundo Scouthouse?
    The Scouthouse is where we hold most of our events. It is located at 325 E Grand, in El Segundo.

    What is the difference between a Pack and a Den?
    A Pack is a large group of scouts who vary in age from Kindergarden to fifth grade. A den is a smaller group (4-12) of scouts who are all about the same age.

    Is Cub Scouts the same as Boy Scouts?
    Both programs are run by the Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scouts is for children ages 5-10. Scouts BSA (formerly known as Boy Scouts) is for older children, ages 11-18. A Cub Scout group is called a pack while a Scouts BSA group is called a troop.

    What are the Cub Scout ranks?
    Cub Scouts have ranks based on their age, and each rank has a special name:
    • Kindergarten – Lion
    • 1st grade - Tiger
    • 2nd grade - Wolf
    • 3rd grade - Bear
    • 4th grade – Webelo
    • 5th grade – Arrow of Light

    Are the photos on your website all Scouts from Pack 773?
    No. The photos are provided by the Boy Scouts of America. They encourage us to use those photos, rather than pictures of our pack’s scouts, for privacy reasons.

Other Questions? Contact us at ElSegundoPack773@gmail.com We would love to hear from you!


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